little cars

The association has several coaches, intended to transport visitors during occasional events at Bellebat terminus, they are too small to be incorporated into regular trains.

type 69

This small axle coache, built by Decauville, was presented for the first time in the Decauville catalog of 1890. Type 69, it was called "inspection coache". Indeed, it allowed to transport a maximum of 4 people, to take a tour of a layout. Its comes from the fertilizer factories of Linet, in Oise. Present for several decades, it is always noticed by visitors, especially when it's in presents oh Schneider locomotive ( more information here ).


little bogies coaches

To increase the capacity in places during the animations, the association acquired in 2019 two bogies Decauville open coaches, transformed by an private. After their restoration, these are added to type 69, offering 8 additional seats each. A third identical coache is at the Association for the Preservation and Maintenance of Narrow-Gauge Equipment, in Sarthe.