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Presentation of the association

Created in 1966, the Association of the Pithiviers Transport Museum works to bring a 4 km section of the old tram line from Pithiviers to Toury to life, to circulate historic trains and to offer a museum in constant improvement . Our volunteers devote their leisure time to running the network with passion. They come from various activities (railway workers, students, retirees, surveyors, pharmacists, teachers, industrial technicians, etc.) and of all ages! This mixture of skills allows us to bring our association to life, having, among other things, locomotives more than a century old!

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Our association only working with volunteers, we are constantly looking for volunteers to help us keep alive, our track, our locomotives, our history, etc .... The activities are diverse and accessible to all, men and women , whatever your skills, it can be learned, the goal is to want it! It is a human adventure, with a joyful and family atmosphere in which you too can participate!

Our volunteers meet several times a week to repair, restore and maintain our steam and diesel locomotives, our passenger cars, our wagons, our railcar, etc. We also maintain the railway, between us or even sometimes with the help of other tourist trains. An administrative part is also existing and even necessary to allow the train to run legally and financially. This is the human side which, we hope, will please you!

During the tourist season, we operate with these different positions where we alternate to vary the pleasures of all: Chef de Train; Station master; Locomotive driver; Driver and Salesman at the museum or at the "Wagon Bar". These positions are subject to more or less long internal training in order to maintain an optimum level of security for our passengers and our volunteers.

If you want to join us, contact us using our contact form, we will get to know you and we will introduce you to the association and its activities.

You can also join directly by means of the form accessible below to become "Active Member" (a minimum of presence will be requested in the exploitation and the winter works) or "Benefactor Member" (to participate financially in the association).

Click here to access the membership form.