T17 - 030 lkm - 1975

This V10C locomotive is the latest engine to integrate our collection. It was bought with the aim of supporting the T11 power engine ( more information here ) in order to reduce its annual mileage and to preserve its mechanics as well as possible. Another V10C was rented in 2019 to a Sarthoise socity to replace the T11 stopped for the season in order to repair its aging gearbox.


a powerful, simple and robust engine

The V10C locomotive units were built by Lokomotivbau Karl Marx (LKM) in East Germany from 1959 to 1975, with 615 units. They take over from the LKM Ns4c locotractors built from 1957. This type of locotractor was designed for narrow gauge  (60cm to 90cm) and metric gauge (1m). It was a machine intended for industrial use. Its rounded cut is inspired by the trucks of the 60's. Its mechanics are simple, robust and planned to require the least possible maintenance making it easily repairable. This is why it will be fitted with a manual gearbox with external multi-disc clutches (each disc corresponds to a speed) and mechanical braking controlled by a simple counterweight lever. As an option, an air brake could be installed to brake a complete train or the locomotive alone. It has 3 axles coupled by connecting rods and driven by a 6-cylinder in-line engine cooled by air or optionally by water. Its maximum speed of 25km / h makes it ideal for a new life on tourist railways. Less than ten engines are preserved in France.


that of the association

Our V10C locomotive was built in 1975, during the last year of production of this model. His career began in a brickyard in Neukalen and will then be transferred to a cement factory in Mollenhagen. His industrial career ended in 1991 where he remained parked at the cement plant until 2013, when it was put up for auction. We bought it in October 2019 from a collector located in Ilmenau, still in Germany. He will arrive in Pithiviers by truck the following month, taking number T17 from our collection. Its restoration will begin in the coming months and its return to service is not planned before 2024/2025.

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