T15 - 020 Gmeinder - 1949

With this locotractor the association has a unique model, of free inspiration, similar to the SNCF engines class Y7100 or Y8000.


a special machine

This locomotive, built around 1949 by Gmeinder, was originally Hf50B type. Produced in around 200 engines, these machines were very popular for industrial use. After his "professional" life, he was bought by a private individual and transferred to the Parc Floral de la Source in Orléans, where after a first re-body in imitation steam locomotive he would roll to pull the train in the park. In 1986, the association bought it and repatriated it to Pithiviers, where in the 1990s it was again re-bodied, along with all the mechanics reviewed. This is why it no longer looks like the original model at all. Since it runs without major problems, it is useful for shunting or for summer trains when the weather is sunny, beacause it's not to heavy.