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T14 - 020 campagne - 1920

This small TS type locomotive built in Paris by the company Campagne in 1920 is not powerful enough to allow the trains of the association to be pulled. It is therefore used for small shunting and performs occasional entertainment at the Bellebat terminus where, harnessed to the association's carts ( more information here ) it turns on a loop provided for this purpose.


a locomotive accessible to all

Indeed, we have very little information on this device. Built in 1920, it served as a shunting locomotive on the Nemours sand pits in Seine-et-Marne, it will bear the number 3. Its low mass and low power do not allow it to pull long and heavy trains. It will be bought by the association on February 04, 1967 from a scrap dealer, and will have the right to a Major General Overhaul in 2013 with the program, the resumption of the engine, the enhancement of the cabin and of course, a refurbishment complete painting. Since it is in service and allows the members of the association to start driving, thanks to its simplicity of use.

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