N°8 - 020T decauville - 1919

The 020T number 8 of the Pithiviers Transport Museum was built in 1919 by Decauville for the public works company Ruvenhorst & Humbert.


a turning point at decauville

This locomotive is part of a series of machines built by Decauville from 1911 called: "Progress" type. Indeed, Decauville, who was then a forerunner in the middle of the narrow gauge in France, finds himself overtaken by many manufacturers, and in particular German manufacturers. At the beginning of the 20th century, the company decided to launch the design of a new type of machine, simpler and more reliable, to revive the activity of the company, the famous type "Progress", declined in 020T and 030T. The 020T are rather appreciated in the field of public works or industry in general.


our locomotive

The 020T Progress of the Pithiviers Transport Museum was used like many of its sisters in the field of public works. She will start her career in a company in Tours on August 30, 1919. She will then be picked up by the company Ruvenhorst & Humbert located in Villevoisin near Villeneuve-la-Guyard in Yonne, she will be numbered 38 and baptized "Colette" . The machine was used to pull trains filled with materials essential to the various sites. It was bought in 1967 by an individual who took it to the museum. It will run until 1986 when it will be stopped. Classified as a "Historic Monument" in 1987, it was bought by the association in 1993. Since its aesthetic restoration in 2018 it has been exhibited in the museum.

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