N°6 - 020T decauville - 1905

This locomotive was built in 1905 by Decauville for a construction company.


a handy machine

This locomotive was produced in numerous copies and was used in several types of industries. It could be used to move wagons or small trains in any small factory. Called "new type 3" (the old "type 3" were of Couillet construction). It is very similar to the lighter type 1. There will remain 7 preserved machines around the world (3 in New Caledonia, 1 in Peru, 1 in Africa, 1 in Germany in Frankfurt, which is the only one in working order and 1 with us).


our locomotive

The machine number 6 of the Musée des Transports de Pithiviers spent its entire career in the public works company Vaandewalle located in the Paris region where it will be delivered on October 12, 1905, it will bear the number 26. The locomotive was used to pull trains filled with essential materials for various sites. It arrived in Pithiviers on December 15, 1966 and was classified as a "Historic Monument" in 1997. Since then, it has been visible to visitors in the museum.

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