N°2 - 020T Schneider - 1870

This small machine, built in 1870 in Le Creusot, in Burgundy of France, by the company Schneider. It is the oldest narrow-gauge locomotive in France. It is a "type 69" and was built in 3 copies. Originally with a roof covering it completely, this 2.5-ton locomotive was designed for mining on a 50 cm track, the quarries being very small in terms of gauge, it was necessary to develop machines capable of sneaking in. the interior. Even if its history remains rather vague, we know some stages of its long life:


his mining adventure

The Schneider of the Musée des Transports de Pithiviers was delivered to the Mines de Mazenay in Saône et Loire in 1870. This mine was involved in extracting iron, the locomotive was therefore used to tow wagons to transport it. Subsequently, this locomotive was transferred to Mines de La Machine, a commune in the Nièvre. These mines also belonged to the Schneider du Creusot group. This time the mine did not produce iron but coal, which was also necessary for the operation of the locomotive. Around 1924, our little machine still made a little way to reach the Ceramics factories of Decize, still in Nièvre. It will be transformed from a 50 cm track to a 60 cm track, but it will obviously not be used or used very little.


His tourist adventure

Then recovered by the Mine Museum of La Machine, it will be loaned to the Transport Museum of Pithiviers on May 13, 1967 so that it can celebrate its centenary with dignity, which it will do in 1970. The Association of the Museum of Transport de Pithiviers (AMTP) will eventually acquire it in 1985 then it will be classified in the list of “Historical Monuments” on November 9, 1987, which will make it possible to obtain aid for its future repairs, and in particular the manufacture of a boiler new in 1992. It will be used by the AMTP for occasional entertainment, accompanied by the Decauville two-axle cart ( see here ). It will run until 2012, when it will be stopped. Its return to service is scheduled for 2020.

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